Start Fresh

Copy Dog will take the time to discuss your messaging goals.  You know your business, we know how to write about it.

Trim the Fat

By reducing redundancies and streamlining syntax, Copy Dog will deliver copy that says exactly what you want it to say.

We Love New Projects

Copy Dog thrives in a Start-Up atmosphere.  From crowd funding to your first website,

we are ready to contribute.




Great Clients

Great Companies

Check out some companies who could work with you.

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This 10 mile foot race will be making waves in San Diego, CA in 2015.

This insane urban scavenger hunt is touring the mid-Atlanic in 2015.

HGL will provide amazing web promo videos and television ready commercials.

Check out Chulado for all your digital

design needs.

Copy Dog delivers information about your product or service in the most logical and direct way -- 

messaging that is easy to understand and gets to the point.

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